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So, how's by you?
August 23rd 2016, 17:44 CEST by Chunkstyle

Doing good?  What's new?
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#1 by LPMiller
2016-08-23 18:22:50
It's been an up and down year, but I'm cool.

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#2 by anaqer
2016-08-23 22:05:06
Just moved into a new apartment. The building itself is an old (guessing '50s) 3 story rowhouse on the outskirts of Budapest, but the inside is really quite modernly renoveted. Plus it has an actual separate bedroom and kitchen and the walls are not made of paper mache. (Which is a big deal coming from a one-room top-floor inner city flat, where summer temperatures were at least 5C higher and I could always hear the neighbours not just partying it up, but even sneeze... now all I hear at nights is crickets in the nearby park. There are trees, for fuck's sake - how cool is that?) Of course mass trafic is nigh nonexistant, but there's an isolated bike road almost from my doorstep to the office, which is something I've sorely missed.

So that's good. Not so good is that the project I was previously on has been seriously downscaled (to a third of the original team), and I was forced onto another one for some firefighting crunch job. It's development mayhem - unpayed overtime, goalposts shifting day to day ("yank this component out - oh wait, let's put it back... except, no, stop what you're doing, this one is more important now"... this is not agile, this is bullshit). All that on a SIL2 application... marvellous.

TL;DR - like the new digs, hate the new job. Will try to rotate out of it as soon as possible - preferrably inside the company, but maybe try the medical branch instead of mobility. Been here over two years, worked with lots of fun guys I know I'll miss, on-site assignments* payed reasonably well - but I think I'm ready for a change of scenery on this front as well.

*not to besmirch Graz, though - it really is a great place :

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#3 by TreeFrog
2016-08-23 23:31:40
Nice photos. You've got a good eye.
Possibly two, I dunno.

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#4 by anaqer
2016-08-24 00:40:07
Nice city - very interesting. When we first rolled into it, there was just big traffic, industrial estates, etc. Reminded me of Sheffield, in many ways - but once you climb a bit higher, you can see just how great the scenery is. The hotel me and my colleague took ( ) was extra fun - way the fuck out on the edge of town, so it's really cheap (71 a night, complete with a pool, a squash court and a multi-level Arnie shrine (heh)... come on) and at supper we could watch fucking deers chase eachother around from beside the pool. If you get a chance, I highly recommend it.

Once again - great location, too bad about the job. (Although to be honest, even that had its quirky charm - here we are, slaving away with microcontrollers and multi-channel digital signal analysers... and you look out the window, and not three meters away there are forklifts as big as houses carrying big fuck-off axles with wheels as big as me on them. So it is cool, in a way... too bad about the sloppy management.)

"Apple hates everyone now." - BJB
#5 by gaggle
2016-08-24 01:37:21
Sounds like a great adventure! Did you also swap partner orientations? Annoying w. confusing management though.. a common problem in software (or possibly in everything).

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#6 by Gunp01nt
2016-08-24 09:47:13
Glad you're able to enjoy the perks of traveling for work! But I can sympathize with working in such chaos. As an engineer you're supposed to be able to concentrate on the task at hand.

She's probably had sex with like 4 different guys by now and has no idea who he is anymore, his face lost in a memory sea of dicks.
#7 by CheesyPoof
2016-08-25 04:04:32
I'm doing a'ight. The big news is the baby, will be 9 months in about 10 days. Pretty ok.

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#8 by Fugazi(werking)
2016-08-27 20:14:45
Career is going well, although I despise being among American Psycho-types all day long.
New boss and new role are making it bearable and the mandate I have been entrusted with is probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I may very well write book about it at some point.
Work and family-related stress got to levels where I needed something to redirect my mental energy so I started taking guitar lessons a couple of years ago and it has helped tremendously. It has also just been a lot of good pure fun.
Home ownership is...expensive. My house is from 1880 and needs a lot of love and care and but it does make for great projects for my wife and me. Turns out I am 'handier' than I thought!
Sadly, we have still not been able to conceive after over 10 years of trying and a considerable amount of money, but I am committed to just enjoy the life I have as it is no matter how the parenthood saga turns out.

#9 by OmegaFoRCe
2016-08-28 15:15:43
Life is good. Just got a promotion, doing the low carb diet to drop some pounds, wife and dogs are doing well.

Enjoying No Man's Sky as a casual game - drop in, fly around for a bit, explore, maybe upgrade the ship, then play something else. Also just picked up Empyrium off of Steam - a "Galactic Survival" game. So far it's pretty dull (more work, less fun) but I'm hoping once I get a bit further I'll start to have more fun with it (a la Minecraft).

Strangely enough I've also been playing GTA V again with my brother and a friend of ours. That game still surprises me as I continue to find things to do that I've never done before.

#10 by gaggle
2016-08-30 02:05:13
Sausage Party is terrible. That is all.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, rubbish is dumped and so are you." : : - FML
#11 by Wudi
2016-08-30 11:24:57
By Sausage Party I assume you are referring to Final Fantasy 15?


w0rd up!
#12 by anaqer
2016-09-02 23:11:40
Back from Graz (again). Liked the job better this time around - project management's still a joke, but I'm starting to understand what I'm (supposed to be) doing.

Last time it was all "no time to explain, get in the car'" - literally, as I was explained at 4AM on the road to Graz that we had to work with IIR/FIR filters and PTP protocol and that sort of stuff. Rang a bell - back from about, oh, one and a half decades ago -, but that was it. This time I came more prepared... and it turns out having to shave off a couple of dozens of bytes from the code to fit into the meager SRAM of the uC can still be fun. In a way, it's a bit like old times when we had assembly tournaments at uni to do 4-var Karnaugh map solvers in as few bytes as possible. (I was eliminated in the early rounds, but still enjoyed poring over the more clevererer solutions.)

"Apple hates everyone now." - BJB
#13 by Squeaky
2016-09-04 09:30:53
I bought an apartment recently. In Vancouver, no less! It was a pre-buy for a building currently under construction. And then I got laid off. Last week I found out my grad ceremony for CPA is in November.
#14 by Squeaky
2016-09-04 11:30:53
By Vancouver, I should point out I'm referring to the Greater Vancouver Regional District, not Vancouver proper.
#15 by jafd
2016-09-21 07:36:38

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#16 by Matt Davis
2016-09-28 14:36:27
Kids are growing up with one starting High School next year, still working in App/Web development and I'm training to be a qualified biscuit designer*

*One of these statements may not be true.

#17 by OmegaFoRCe
2016-10-21 04:09:22
Red Dead Redemption 2: Can't wait. I thoroughly enjoyed RDR and still play it occasionally.

Nintendo Switch: Meh. Seems gimicky - more in the WiiU way than in the Wii way. Battery life, durability, and graphical capabilities will make/break it. A new Zelda isn't enough to warrant a purchase from me; neither is a 5 year old game (Skyrim).

#18 by OmegaFoRCe
2016-10-21 04:13:58
Addendum: If Nintendo figures out how to incorporate a mobile VR and/or augmented reality experience into the Switch...Well, that could be interesting.

#19 by Charles
2016-10-23 17:32:08
RIP Leslie Nassar, killed by a drunk driver yesterday.

#20 by gaggle
2016-10-23 23:43:21
Saw that on FBPC too. Just totally sad.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, rubbish is dumped and so are you." : : - FML
#21 by Dumdeedum
2016-10-24 04:39:38
Yeah, not sure if I ever interacted with him, but it's sad to see any Crappers go.  And such a pointless waste too, drunk driving really is an idiotic crime.

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#22 by McBain
2016-10-24 06:03:21
I'm quite sad about what happened to Leslie.

"The buyer of a [credit default swap] does not need to own the underlying security or other form of credit exposure; in fact the buyer does not even have to suffer a loss from the default event."  WHEEEE!
#23 by jafd
2016-11-05 00:04:04
scxz was basically the only one of you worthless fucks that I ever missed talking to. Reap the whirlwind.

So, where are you all at with Hillary Clinton's incest? Just another right-wing conspiracy, right?


"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#24 by jafd
2016-11-09 09:37:57
Oh, yeah, and someone go tell Lum that he's an idiot cunt. Thanks in advance, Proles.

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#25 by jjz
2016-11-11 05:40:00
Hi.  I made a Planetcrap Xbox One group.  Feel free to send a request.  I'm not sure the value of it as of yet, but it's probably not a horrible thing.  I expect an easy way to find people to play with at times.

Hi, Jafd.
#26 by Wudi
2016-11-11 06:34:25
So...When are all you girls going to stop crying in the fetal position and posting selfies of you crying on Fartbook and Twatter. And help President Elect Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again?


w0rd up!
#27 by anaqer
2016-11-12 02:41:37
Go die in a ditch, Wudi. But give me coordinates before you do.

"Apple hates everyone now." - BJB
#28 by Dumdeedum
2016-11-13 16:37:01
Yes, I'll volunteer for the Great mines!  Extracting those lumps of raw, abstract greatness will be so rewarding and will help America, like a Trump casino, stand for a thousand years!

No, wait, the other thing, you're all fucked and probably going to wind up dragging the rest of us down with you.

MP3 Of The Week: is this thing on?
#29 by gaggle
2016-11-13 18:18:10
The world had finally managed to come together on climate change, and now climate deniers are at the helm :(

"Roses are red, violets are blue, rubbish is dumped and so are you." : : - FML
#30 by Matt Davis
2016-11-14 15:45:39
Hey JJZ, thanks for the XBone group, I'm in a couple of other groups and they actually work pretty well. Certainly better than the likes of Bungie and their LFG crappy threads.

#31 by Gunp01nt
2016-11-17 17:47:40
#26 is basically the American Republican voter's version of "I told you I was hardcore".

She's probably had sex with like 4 different guys by now and has no idea who he is anymore, his face lost in a memory sea of dicks.
#32 by OmegaFoRCe
2016-11-18 16:22:38
Anyone here played Watch Dogs 2 yet? If so, what platform and what are your thoughts?
I played the first one on PC and enjoyed it to a limited extent.

#33 by jafd
2016-11-20 09:36:27
No, seriously, I mean it. Until I see Lum on Twitter, "that's enough," I'm not buying it.


Reap the whirlwind.

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#34 by Wudi
2016-11-20 16:01:40
Lum's a coward and a cuck. Just like Tom Chick, I was hoping he'd have died of throat cancer already. You know that's from sucking too many dicks.


w0rd up!
#35 by Wudi
2016-11-22 11:19:11

What's your thoughts on Merkel? You tired of her inviting mudslime exploders and machete rape gangs into your country (over a million, I think)?

Can she seriously win a 4th term after all the shit she has pulled on your people?


w0rd up!
#36 by gaggle
2016-11-22 14:43:02

"Roses are red, violets are blue, rubbish is dumped and so are you." : : - FML
#37 by anaqer
2016-11-22 16:23:30
Never change.

"Apple hates everyone now." - BJB
#38 by Wudi
2016-11-22 16:28:51
Do you guys just roll up into a ball with your fingers in your ears and sing "LALALALALALA" as the world around you turns to shit?

I'll never understand you liberal fucks. Retarded as hell.


w0rd up!
#39 by anaqer
2016-11-22 18:22:30
Do you actually expect a reasoned discussion with you and your ilk...? Well then, here's your answer - never change. I like you for the entertaining ignorant shithead who you are. Your ideas are dumb and you should feel ashamed for not knowing better than to represent them. But we need you guys to put things into perspective, so even your trolling and ignorance serves a purpose. I'm cool with that.

But let me ask you this - when was the last time the USA was "great"? Not just powerful by military force, but actually "great" for mankind? I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that was before you were even born (if even then).

So, in summary - I love you for what you bring to the discussion... but you're full of shit.

"Apple hates everyone now." - BJB
#40 by Wudi
2016-11-23 00:39:36
The last time the USA was really great? Probably the years following World War 2.

You're from Hungary? I forget.

How many refugees has your country taken in? What are Hungarians doing to defeat ISIS?

When was the last time (or ever) Hungary was great, Come down off your throne alt-left shit-lord.


w0rd up!
#41 by anaqer
2016-11-23 12:45:25
I'm from Hungary, that's correct. And I'm deeply ashamed of it. "We" have never been great for, oh, I don't know - nigh two hundred years or so.

As for refugees - that's the doings of our current corrupt government. I don't agree with its policy at all on that matter (and on several other matters as well, but that's neither here nor there).

I'm also kinda versed on the post-WW2 years of the USA - well, sure: if you were a white heterosexual male, times must have been good for you back then. Not just good, but pretty fucking great. Good on ya! Coloreds and wimenfolk - not so much.

Don't confuse power with greatness.

"Apple hates everyone now." - BJB
#42 by anaqer
2016-11-23 12:57:21
Also - what the fuck is "alt-left"? Sure, it works on my keyboard just like "alt-right" - but those are utterly silly contraptions in a political sense. Putting labels on stuff... not very becoming, is it now.

"Apple hates everyone now." - BJB
#43 by Wudi
2016-11-23 15:59:38
We (Americans) went from nothing, beat down some feather-head savages, kicked England's ass. Won WW2 and landed a man on the moon...all within 200 years.

This country was literally nothing before we came and conquered.

Now, after 8 years of Trump, we will see the America we used to know.

"alt-left" is those pink and blue haired or hipster and LGBTBBQ idiots.

w0rd up!
#44 by anaqer
2016-11-23 16:02:40
Well, that was interesting.
#45 by Wudi
2016-11-23 16:14:44
You want a conversation or you want to snark? Make up your mind.

See, this is the problem with you people. Once logic hits you in the face you fall back on

"Well, that was interesting."

WTF does that even mean.

It's a retarded comment. You know it, I know it and the rest of the world knows it.


w0rd up!
#46 by Chunkstyle
2016-11-24 13:58:20
I can't believe our country decided to go Wudi.

Game Developers: Don't forget the zombie monkeys.
#47 by gaggle
2016-11-24 20:00:50
Never go full Wudi.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, rubbish is dumped and so are you." : : - FML
#48 by Wudi
2016-11-25 00:09:50

You're going to get tired of winning! You'll say "Please stop winning, Donald!"

But nay, the god emperor will win some more.

You will overdose on Win.


w0rd up!
#49 by jafd
2016-11-25 01:42:23
Motel Art

"I've known you were an idiot since before nine eleven." -- Just Another Friendly Dischordian
#50 by jafd
2016-11-25 01:43:24
Never change.

You're not in any position to issue directions, Peasant.

"I've known you were an idiot since before nine eleven." -- Just Another Friendly Dischordian
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